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Sending money to Thailand

Welcome to FIRST MONEY TRANSFER. We are the FIRST Thai money transfer company in Australia-owned and operated by Thai and Australian staff since 2007. Our aim is to offer the best services available to customers who send money to Thailand regularly. "The FIRST in Thai Community. Fantastic support." Learn more about us.


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T: +61 2 9575 4890
M: +61 438 999 111
First Money Transfer

Exchange rate

$1 AUD =

27.30 THB

Friday 26/09/2014 09:42:06 AM

Please note: The exchange rate shown above is a guide for general calculation only. Depending on the products and country, your exchange rate may be depended on overseas bank.

First Money Transfer

Send and receive money overseas

You can send and receive money worldwide from our office. We are an agent of Western Union. For more information, please visit our shop directly today.

First Money Transfer

First class service. There is no waiting queue at our Haymarket office. Save your valuable time.

Centrally located near most Thai businesses in Sydney Thaitown. 10 minutes walk from Central station. 5 minute walk to Sydney Thaitown (Campbell Street). We have dedicated tellers to do your transaction faster. Learn more about our Haymarket office»